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Rainbow Six Lockdown
by Ubi Soft Red Storm
the official PC demo of Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six Lockdown is now available for download. Developed by Ubisoft?s Red Storm Entertainment studio, the demo includes a single player mission (South Africa) and a multi-player map (Prison). The single player mission will let players play a ?campaign mission? on two different difficulty modes: ?normal? or ?challenge? as well as in co-op. The multi-player map can be played in ?Team Adversarial? game mode. There are 17 weapons available in the demo (42 will be available in the retail version), and all the equipment and grenades are available for both single and multi-player maps ? while the Custom Character Creation and usage is available in multi-player.

System Requirements

Computer: Pentium 4 processor 1.5GHz+ (or AMD equivalent)
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
Video Card: 64 MB AGP or PCI-Express DirectX9 video card that supports pixel shaders and vertex shaders
Sound Card: DirectX9-compatible sound card
Monitor: Monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution at 60Hz
CD-ROM Drive: 4x (8x recommended)
HD Space: 1 GB
Multiplayer: Broadband with 64 kbps upstream ( 128 kbps recommended )

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